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Wine, Women and…Well…What Else Is There To Say Really?

I got this in my email today from my other half and I thought it was funny and…well…true especially today. Rough day but that’s another story and another blog but being as it’s Wednesday and I owe you all a blog I thought this would be a little diversion from the usual as well as a good chuckle. Men, this is not a joke study this chart well and learn it. It could save your life one day.
The Hormone Guide

Women will understand this!
Men should memorize it!

Every woman knows that there are days when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be carried like a driver’s license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other!





What’s for
Can I help you
with dinner?
Where would you like
to go out for dinner?
Here, have some wine.
Are you
Wearing that?
You sure
look good in brown!
WOW! Look at you!
Here, have some wine
What are you
So worked up about?
Could we be
Here’s my paycheck.
Here, have some wine.
Should you be
Eating that?
You know, there are
a lot of apples left.
Can I get you a piece
of chocolate with that?
Here, have some wine.
What did you
DO all day?
I hope you didn’t
over-do it today.
I’ve always loved you
in that robe!
Here, have some wine.


Bridgman Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – Columbia Valley, Washington

From the label: ‘In 1917 W.B. Bridgman introduced European wine grapes to the Yakima Valley near Sunnyside. Bridgman wines are dedicated to this visionary man who helped make fine Washington wines what they are today.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon has rich aromas of berry and cherry fruit with a fine layer of sweet oak and a hint of walnuts. Excellent with red meats or pastas with a hearty tomato sauce. Try it with garlic stuffed leg of lamb rubbed with rosemary.’

Price: $13.99

This estate grown and bottled wine from Walla Walla, Washington (I just love saying that town name…makes me giggle…but I digress) is a nice clear garnet colored medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

The bouquet (or smell, for us common folks) was very fruity and most definitely accentuated by cherries. The taste I found intriguing though. I have read reviews by people claiming that their wine had a ‘buttery’ taste and I admit up to now I had NO IDEA what they were talking about. I mean it’s WINE! How can it have a buttery taste? Well this wine, my friend, showed me what that meant. My first taste was so buttery and nutty that I had to really think about it for awhile. I’d never tasted a wine like that. After I finally got over that buttery punch the next thing I tasted was, of course, the cherry. This wine had a nice medium finish to it as well.

Overall I liked this wine. It was surprising to my palate and let me know that there really are wines out there that are distinct and new tasting (at least to me anyway).

I rate this wine at a score of 88. It’s a nice wine with a soft buttery taste. I drank this wine without the intervention of any specific food but due to it’s buttery, nutty flavor I would say that the recommendations on the bottle would be correct. This wine needs a strong, hearty meal to be able to stand up to it.

Winery Website:


What do Warlock Charlie Sheen, and Wine Have in Common?

Malibu, California

I know you’re waiting for some great punch line, aren’t you? I’ll leave that to the Warlock himself. He’s much better at them. The thing that Charlie Sheen and wine have in common is Emilio Estevez, of course!

It seems that more and more celebrities are getting into making their own wine and Emilio Estevez is the latest one that I’ve heard about. Apparently one day he decided that he wanted to grow more grapes and started tearing up his front and back lawn (much to the astonishment of his neighbors…or otherwise known as his dad, Martin Sheen, who lives down the block) in order to plant more vines. True story!

Although everyone thought he was weird for doing that it is starting to pay off for him and his wife. They now bottle the wine (made with the grapes from his yard in Malibu, CA and others that he has growing on other properties) under the name Casa Dumetz and apparently he’s getting pretty good at it too. The wine sells in the range of $30 to $40 dollars and the only indication that he’s the owner of the winery is the name Don Emilio that appears on the bottle.

Just to be clear though there’s no indication that Emilio or the wine is made with the same Adonus DNA or Tiger Blood as the Warlock. Just figured I would put that out there. 🙂

If any of you have tried this Casa Dumetz I would love to hear your review of it and also where you got it. It’s currently a short production wine (only a few hundred cases a year made and I think it’s only sold locally as well).

For more information on Casa Dumetz you can got to the wine’s website:

Porta Cabernet Sauvignon – 2009 Valle Central, Chile

From the back label:

‘Bright red in color, this particularly fruity wine features red fruits, strawberries and blackberries. Very soft and fruity on the palate with ripe tannins and good balance.

This fruity Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with roasted meats. The ripe tannins accompany the cooking spices, bringing out the flavor of the dishes it is served with.’

Price: $6.99

Forgive me for my rather short post lately but I am loaded down with work and I am working under the supposition that any short blog post is better than none at all. I hope you agree.

Now this wine was originally bought with the intention of being used in a Pasta Bolognaise recipe so I didn’t want to spend too much dinero on something I was going to cook rather than drink.

This estate bottled Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile was a really nice surprise given the fact that A, it has a screw cap (I bet you thought I’d never admit to that one right?) and B, the more expensive wine I bought to actually drink with the dish that never got made was awful (see last week’s Sunday post: Montepulo Red Wine 2008, Abruzzo, Italy). So, of course, this one cost less so my logic would say it’s got to be a dog right? Wrong!

Though I have other inexpensive wines that are my typical standbys when I’m looking for something nice to drink and I don’t want surprises (two of which are Lindeman’s Bin 40 Merlot from Australia & Barefoot Merlot from California) this wine would come in nicely in third place should my other two regulars not be available.

This was a nice light red Cabernet Sauvignon that made a nice impression. It was enjoyable and I have nothing bad to say about it other than ‘It has a screw top, man!’ 🙂

Winery website:

Drink Wine and Help Christchurch, New Zealand!

If you’re the type who wants to help those in need (and let’s face it who isn’t really?) Here’s a great way to help the people of Christchurch, New Zealand rebuild after the recent 6.3 earthquake that hit on February 22nd. This is the second (and worst) earthquake Christchurch has had in the last five months. The first one in September of 2010 didn’t take any lives. Unfortunately this recent one did. It is estimated that between 25-35% of the buildings and homes in Christchurch will have to be demolished because they are beyond damaged.

So what does this have to do with wine you ask? Well a lot! If you want to treat yourself to some wine AND help the people of Christchurch then go to Ecolove Wines and you can take part in the ‘6 Bottles for Christchurch’ program where you purchase 6 bottles of wine and 100% of the proceeds go to help Christchurch recover. Not a bad deal I say. You get to enjoy some wine and Christchurch gets the help they need. That makes me smile. How about you?

Montupoli Red Wine 2008 -Abruzzo, Italy

I’ll warn all of you ahead of time this review is going to be brutal. So if you’re squeamish turn away now. There will be blood and guts everywhere by the time I am done.

I bought this wine to pair up with a recipe of Pasta Bolognese that I intended to make for company that was coming (I had a nice vegetarian version up my sleeve by the way). The recipe called for a robust red wine and I also wanted a nice Italian wine to drink with the meal. So, of course, I headed to my local Total Wine store.

At the store I was assisted in my wine selection by one of their wine experts (though she was new to me so I knew I was taking a risk. I know a few people there that never steer me wrong…she wasn’t one of them I later found out.) I told her my requirements and she immediately suggested this ‘lovely’ Montupoli wine from Abruzzo, Italy. She said she always has this wine when she has Italian food. I trusted her! I also was intrigued by the fact that the wine was made with Sangiovese grapes. ‘How could that be bad?’ I thought to myself!

She also suggested a cheaper Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (to be reviewed at a later date) for the recipe itself because no one really wants to cook with a more expensive wine after all. So with my treasures in hand I skipped home to start my cooking. Once home I discovered that my guest was not coming and so I put off the meal for another day.

A few days later I decided to open this ‘lovely’ Montupoli wine from Abruzzo, Italy and really enjoy it. I opened the bottle and I at once was not ‘at one’ with the smell. ‘Maybe that’s just the Sangiovese grapes’ I told myself. I bravely poured myself a glass and took a sip. It was HORRIBLE! I can’t even tell you what it tasted like but it was unlike any wine I’ve ever tasted. It actually tasted like it was formulated in a chemical plant to me. Absolutely AWFUL! This, my friends, is the first wine in a long time that I actually labeled ‘Undrinkable’. I saved it in my refrigerator with the hopes of at least cooking with it but I can’t bring myself to do that at all. It will be dumped…right after I finish writing this.

So my rating is this…I give it a rating of 4. It gets 2 points for having a cork rather than a screw top and 2 points for the mere fact that it was imported from Italy.

Maybe I got a bad bottle. That’s always a possibility but I am gun shy now and I probably won’t be trying another bottle of this wine any time soon. It was a wasted $9.99 in my opinion.

Europa Choco Vine – Holland

Choco Vine

When I first saw this on the shelves of my local grocery store I thought ‘How can mixing chocolate and red wine taste good?’

Now I admit to loving the experience of a great piece of chocolate while I am sipping a glass of red wine but I’ve never actually thought of combining the two in liquid form and it didn’t seem like something I’d like to try. However when my mom called and asked me if I’d tried Choco Vine and then stated that it was really good, I had to buy some.

I didn’t expect it to taste so good though. You see, since having my first chocolate martini at a Les Paul performance in New York City years ago I have been a big fan of the taste and Choco Vine, to me, tastes almost exactly like a chocolate martini.

My mom, however, describes it as ‘chocolate milk with a really good kick’ and she’s not joking. This dessert wine has a really good kick. A glass and a half will have you with a pretty good buzz going on so it’s not really something you would have multiple glasses of in one sitting.

This wonderful invention is brought to us by the lovely people of Holland and is a combination of chocolate and fine red wine (as the label says). Over all it’s a really nice dessert wine for chocolate lovers. It is very heavy and therefore not something that you would drink a lot of at any one time. The good news is that it keeps for up to six months in the refrigerator after it’s been opened so there’s no pressure to drink it fast.

My rating is a 96. I enjoy a small glass of this wine from time to time usually over ice. It also comes in a chocolate/raspberry wine combo too. I haven’t had that one yet though.