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Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 2007 – Bordeaux, France

From the label: ‘Created in 1930 by my father, the legendary Baron Philippe, winegrower and poet, Mouton Cadet Rouge combines the Bordeaux winemaking tradition with the values of authenticity and exacting standards that have always been the pride of our family. In an elegant bouquet of flavours, it thus unites several fine appellations of the Bordeaux region, planted with classic grape varieties: Merlot 65%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%, Cabernet Franc 15%. Through its balance, roundness and ageing capacity, the fruits of generous Nature and the work of human hands, Mouton Cadet Rouge expresses all the richness and diversity of one of the world’s foremost winegrowing areas.’ – Philippine de Rothschild


Price: $10.99

I received this bottle of Bordeaux from my brother as a Christmas gift. He told me that this was on of the first real bottles of wine that he had bought when he first got into wines. He also stated that he always has a bottle of Mouton Cadet in his wine collection to be called upon when he has a bad day. It offers him comfort and he hoped it would do the same for me. I loved the fact that this bottle of wine meant so much to him that he wanted to share it with me and enhance my new found passion for wine.

I decided that I would have this bottle of wine for a special occasion so I chose to have it with a special Valentine’s Day dinner with my love, Matt. I served it with Spaghetti Carbonara and a dessert of Creme Brulee.

This clear, ruby red wine boasts a fruity bouquet of plums, grapes, and vanilla. The taste was full of plums with a hint of vanilla and a slight dash of spiciness. It had a nice light and quick finish as well.

Overall I really liked this wine and have ranked it in my top red wines. I rated this wine at 96 points. I really enjoyed this wine and will do the same as my brother and keep a bottle in my wine rack for those days when I want a dependable wine to celebrate with or comfort me.

RECIPE: Dairy Free Vanilla Bean Pudding

I was searching for a nice dessert that would be just sweet enough and not so decadent that I would have to add three hours to my workout routine. After a little looking around the internet and a little tweaking of the original recipe (which wasn’t dairy free) I came up with this lovely, simply little dessert. I originally found the recipe on and then proceed to change it. Honestly I don’t think any of the changes I made would even be noticeable to someone seeking a dairy treat at all.

The original recipe was simply called Vanilla Bean Pudding (you can find it here). Here is my revised ingredient list:

2 1/2 cups of Almond milk (soy, coconut or any other milk will most likely work too)

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise (don’t skimp on this it’s worth it)

1/2 cup sugar

3 Tbsp cornstarch

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup soy french vanilla creamer

2 Large egg yolks

4 tsp butter

1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon

I added the almond milk to a medium, heavy saucepan and carefully made sure I scraped every last little seed from the vanilla bean and added them to the almond milk. I then placed the whole vanilla bean pod in the pot with the milk too and brought it to a boil.

After that I followed the directions and added the sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, and salt in a large bowl and stirred it in well. I combined the vanilla creamer and the egg yolks and stirred well. Once that was done I stirred that egg yolk mixture into the sugar mixture and blended well. I then slowly added half of the hot milk mixture into that sugary, yolky mixture and stirred constantly while I was doing it. You don’t want to cook the yolks whole. Then you pour that mixture back into the remaining hot milk in the saucepan and bring to a boil. It’s really important that you constantly whisk this mixture while it’s coming to a boil.

After about a minute remove it from the heat and add the butter and stir it until it’s well mixed in. Make sure to remove the vanilla bean pod and throw it out.

The recipe calls for you to pour the pudding into a big bowl and sit that bowl in an ice bath until the pudding is cooled down enough to put in the refrigerator. I did that and continued to whisk the pudding while it cooled but I would suspect if you needed it to be quicker you could stick it directly into the refrigerator with not much of a problem. It would probably get a bit of a skin on top. If that doesn’t bother you then go for it. 🙂 Chill the pudding for an hour or two and then serve. I topped each pudding with a few raspberries and served.

Matt and I LOVED this pudding and I suspect it will become a regular dessert recipe in this house. It was very creamy and just sweet enough to make you feel like you were being decadent without feeling like you went overboard. The cinnamon was a great addition and I really feel it took this already great recipe up a notch.

This recipe yields six 1/2 cup servings. Enough for two people to go back and have seconds or thirds…not that we did or anything like that. I am just saying… 😉