Red Vin 2009 – Rheinhessen, Germany

From the label: “Made from the native Dornfelder grape, our Sweet Red combines silky tannins with flavors of raspberry and plum and a pleasant sweetness. Pair with: Cheese, spicy Asian cuisine or just by itself. Serve lightly chilled.”

Price: $7.99

Top: Screw top

This dark red wine has a great bouquet of sweet jammy grapes. It is made from Dornfelder grapes which are only from this region of Germany so, of course, I had to try it. The taste is pleasantly sweet, jammy, and light. The finish is short and sweet.

This is a nice dessert or after dinner wine. I rated this wine at 89 points just missing my top red wine list.

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  1. Yummy! So, are you a screw top person or a cork person! and if so what kind of cork.? interesting question!.. i shall return for your answer.. c

  2. Well I am quite the traditionalist in most things and wine is the same. I prefer natural cork over anything else…HOWEVER, if I want to experience wines from all over the world I had to realize that some places like New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Europe predominately use screw tops for economical reasons. It doesn’t make those wines any better or worse and in fact some people say it protects the wine better than cork but the fact is that I love the romanticism of corks. 🙂

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