Fish Eye Merlot 2010 – South Eastern Australia

From the label: ‘When a fisherman has an especially good catch, it is said that they have the Fish Eye. They seem to have a sixth sense about where the fish are and what will attract their attention. Hopefully our Merlot will attract yours. The nose is ripe and fruity with plums and dark fruits. The palate is soft and long. Serve with pasta, turkey, pork or beef. Watch out! This Wine Jumps Out of Your Glass!’


Price: $6.99

Top: Screw top

I really love a wine with a deep burgundy color and this wine had that. It had very strong bouquet of tannins when I opened the bottle and that kind of bowled me over  at first but it mellowed as it was allowed to get some air.

The taste was very tannic but gave way to cherries, berries and reminded me of jam. Now I know what it means when people say a wine is ‘jammy’.  It had a medium finish.

I thought this wine was nice for an inexpensive, screw top wine. I gave it a rating of 82 points.


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  1. We can get that out here, i have not had their merlot though, i will try it.. thank you!!c

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