McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Merlot – South Eastern Australia – 2008

From the label: ‘The McWilliam family has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking since 1877. Drawing on six generations of winemaking experience, McWilliam’s has created a classic Australian Merlot. McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate wines are crafted using premium grapes from some of South Australia’s most renowned wine regions. This wine features spicy plum fruit aromas highlighted by cinnamon and mocha characteristics from partial oak maturation. The flavorful palate is velvety with black currant and rip plum flavors mingling with vanilla and clove notes. An excellent partner to gourmet pizza or grilled chicken.’


This is one of my ‘go to’ wines when I just want a nice wine to relax with. It’s nicely balanced and robust enough for my taste without being too harsh. I am a fan of Merlot and this is one of my favorites. I highly recommend it for those times when you just don’t want to take the risk of buying a wine that you might not enjoy. I would give you a more detailed description but I actually enjoyed it without really taking the time to stop and rate it. Though I can tell you that this is a regular wine for me so it would rate in the 90 and above category.


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  1. can’t go wrong with an aussie red grown in red earth, esp a merlot..( i think they have the red soil up that way too.. good work.. i will look out for it1 c

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