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What do Warlock Charlie Sheen, and Wine Have in Common?

Malibu, California

I know you’re waiting for some great punch line, aren’t you? I’ll leave that to the Warlock himself. He’s much better at them. The thing that Charlie Sheen and wine have in common is Emilio Estevez, of course!

It seems that more and more celebrities are getting into making their own wine and Emilio Estevez is the latest one that I’ve heard about. Apparently one day he decided that he wanted to grow more grapes and started tearing up his front and back lawn (much to the astonishment of his neighbors…or otherwise known as his dad, Martin Sheen, who lives down the block) in order to plant more vines. True story!

Although everyone thought he was weird for doing that it is starting to pay off for him and his wife. They now bottle the wine (made with the grapes from his yard in Malibu, CA and others that he has growing on other properties) under the name Casa Dumetz and apparently he’s getting pretty good at it too. The wine sells in the range of $30 to $40 dollars and the only indication that he’s the owner of the winery is the name Don Emilio that appears on the bottle.

Just to be clear though there’s no indication that Emilio or the wine is made with the same Adonus DNA or Tiger Blood as the Warlock. Just figured I would put that out there. 🙂

If any of you have tried this Casa Dumetz I would love to hear your review of it and also where you got it. It’s currently a short production wine (only a few hundred cases a year made and I think it’s only sold locally as well).

For more information on Casa Dumetz you can got to the wine’s website: