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Europa Choco Vine – Holland

Choco Vine

When I first saw this on the shelves of my local grocery store I thought ‘How can mixing chocolate and red wine taste good?’

Now I admit to loving the experience of a great piece of chocolate while I am sipping a glass of red wine but I’ve never actually thought of combining the two in liquid form and it didn’t seem like something I’d like to try. However when my mom called and asked me if I’d tried Choco Vine and then stated that it was really good, I had to buy some.

I didn’t expect it to taste so good though. You see, since having my first chocolate martini at a Les Paul performance in New York City years ago I have been a big fan of the taste and Choco Vine, to me, tastes almost exactly like a chocolate martini.

My mom, however, describes it as ‘chocolate milk with a really good kick’ and she’s not joking. This dessert wine has a really good kick. A glass and a half will have you with a pretty good buzz going on so it’s not really something you would have multiple glasses of in one sitting.

This wonderful invention is brought to us by the lovely people of Holland and is a combination of chocolate and fine red wine (as the label says). Over all it’s a really nice dessert wine for chocolate lovers. It is very heavy and therefore not something that you would drink a lot of at any one time. The good news is that it keeps for up to six months in the refrigerator after it’s been opened so there’s no pressure to drink it fast.

My rating is a 96. I enjoy a small glass of this wine from time to time usually over ice. It also comes in a chocolate/raspberry wine combo too. I haven’t had that one yet though.