My Top Rated Wines

In this section I will share with you,  in an easy to read list, all the wines that I personally have rated at a 90 or above. In order to read my review just click on the link that is attached to the wine’s name.

This isn’t a list of what a fancy wine magazine says is the best wines. This is what I’ve personally reviewed and have found to be outstanding….to my tastes. You may try these wines and totally not agree with me and that’s fine. Consider this a list that can give you a starting point if you’re looking to try something new. Just like you ask a good friend what they would recommend, this is me saying ‘I really liked these wines and you might too’.

If you try any of these wines because of my recommendations here I would love to hear what your experience was with the wine. So please don’t be shy. Your experience added to mine can help others find something they like too. 🙂


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