Bizarre and Funny Wine Names

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This is where I’ll list the names of bizarre and funny wine names that I come across. I’ll add to it as I find them so check back from time to time to see what great new ones I’ve found. If you find a wine with a great, funny, or just outright bizarre name please tell us about it in the comments box below. 🙂

Horse's Ass Wine

Mad Housewife

Big Pecker Wine

Jam Jar Wine

Hey Mambo

Goats Do Roam

Mommy's Time Out

Il Bastardo & La Bastarda

Plungerhead Wine

Pinot Evil Wine

Red Guitar

Dark Side of the Moon Wine

Fat Bastard Wines

Menage a trois wine

Barefoot Wines - one of my favorite inexpensive standbys....

Toasted Head Wine

Director's Cut by Francis Ford Coppola

Monogamy Wine

Running With Scissors Wine

Middle Sister Wine

Bohemian Highway

White Truck & Fish Eye Wines

Gnarly Head Wine

Hob Nob Wine

Arrogant Frog Wine

French Maid Wine

Full House Wine

Four Play Wine

  1. Do you know where to pick up four play , full house, and french maid?

  2. You need the PromisQuous wine to go with the Monogamy…they are made by the same winery.

  3. Olympic Wines (on the Olympic pennesula of WA) puts out their Working Girl line (Working Girl White, Working Girl Red, Handyman Red and Rose’ the Riveter). Hip Chicks Do Wine is a winery in Portland, OR.

  4. I have BITCH-2008 S Australia Grenache, PURE EVIL-2005 S Australia Chardonnay, & VAMPIRE-2006 Vampire Vineyards Creston, Ca

  5. Grape Escape winery in Pleasantville Iowa has “Fifty Shades of Grape” a lip biting good dry white.

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