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Drink Wine and Help Christchurch, New Zealand!

If you’re the type who wants to help those in need (and let’s face it who isn’t really?) Here’s a great way to help the people of Christchurch, New Zealand rebuild after the recent 6.3 earthquake that hit on February 22nd. This is the second (and worst) earthquake Christchurch has had in the last five months. The first one in September of 2010 didn’t take any lives. Unfortunately this recent one did. It is estimated that between 25-35% of the buildings and homes in Christchurch will have to be demolished because they are beyond damaged.

So what does this have to do with wine you ask? Well a lot! If you want to treat yourself to some wine AND help the people of Christchurch then go to Ecolove Wines and you can take part in the ‘6 Bottles for Christchurch’ program where you purchase 6 bottles of wine and 100% of the proceeds go to help Christchurch recover. Not a bad deal I say. You get to enjoy some wine and Christchurch gets the help they need. That makes me smile. How about you?